26Nov20: Andy won’t hold still…

Fuzzy… Moved his head!

Rats! Andy just isn’t holding still today!


It is difficult thinking about Thanksgiving this year when so many people will be lucky to have a meal. To the point it is possible, may you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Andy and I will stay at home and give thanks that we have survived this horrible year intact, unlike so many others, including our kitty and kitty brother Dougy.

24 thoughts on “26Nov20: Andy won’t hold still…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Andy. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving. We have tha last Sunday in October down as Erntedankfest – the celebration of thanking for the harvest. But no great family get together there.

    • There was no Thanksgiving to celebrate here this year, wither. I couldn’t make myself a glut of food to eat when millions of Americans don’t know where their next meal will come for, or have to wait hours in line for handout food. I made shell pasta and cheese and ate it with a left over hamburger bun, probably the kind of meal many of the poor ate because they had to. In the meantime, our Senators and Representatives, most of whom are fairly wealthy or very wealthy, had their lovely Thanksgivings (“Let them eat cake!”) while many of their constituents wondered how they were going to feed their children, pay their rent or mortgages, make it until Congress voted on relief for those out of work because of the pandemic. Frankly, I have no reason to feel thankful this year, though I, at least, am financially OK, have food and shelter, and access to health care. Sorry to be so negative, but the majority of Trump’s America can’t wait till he and his minions are history and decency returns to America.

  2. It has been a hard year for so many. Those who have escaped the virus or other calamities, so far, are lucky. We give thanks for what we have, including our friends and family. That includes you and Andy, too. We miss seeing and reading about your little Dougy cat, and will say a prayer for him again today.

    • Yes, it’s been terrible for the fires, the pandemic, and millions of little and big personal tragedies for people the world over. Can 2021 be anywhere near as horrific? I hope not!

    • Thank you, nia. I don’t feel like celebrating it this year, as noted in other comments. I can – and do! – hope 2021 is a happier year.

    • I counted blessings instead of having a feast. I have the ingredients on hand, but couldn’t enjoy a meal like that when fellow Americans are trying to pull together anything to feed their families.

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