Filth doesn’t wait.

I need to vacuum today. When carpet dirt starts to form windrows along furniture, you have a problem.

The carpet looks like a herd of cats live here, there are so many clumps of Persian fuzz strewn over it. Not to mention paper shreds. Persians are static electricity generators, and all they need do is walk past the shredder to pick up enough paper shreds to make the whole duplex look like a copier room in an office.

Dust used to be a problem, both on things and in the carpet. I tried to convince myself it came from the bean elevator a few blocks south of me, but I knew that was hopeful thinking. One thing helped keep dust down: I changed to a virtually dustless cat litter because of how much dust the boys carried around on their hair.

Ugh! You know where that dust ended up! No wonder my sister-in-law won’t allow a litter box in her home, even though she and my brother always have critters around!

The change in litter improved house cleanliness beyond doubt, but there are other forces in play. Or playing. Dougy! Andy! I’m bringing out the vacuum! You made a lot of the mess, now you suffer the consequences!

I took a photo a few minutes ago (6:15 am), but in low light to help minimize how bad things really are…:

Picture 206 copy

Didn’t work. Once I brought the color and brightness up, I knew delay is not possible. This needs to be a short post. Filth doesn’t wait. It accumulates!

[That’s Andy in the upper left hand corner, taking a drink at the fountain. He looks innocent, but don’t you believe it!]

3 thoughts on “Filth doesn’t wait.

  1. LOVE this! (wags tail) I fuss at the vacuum so much that Mom usually really puts it off! But the house was pretty bad the other day and I actually let her. Muahahaha! I see your cats have you trained as well! Woof!

    • Oh, yeah! Cats not only do a good job of training their humans individually, when there are two or ~ horrors! ~ more cats, they gang up and train their humans as a team.

      My first cat long-term cat, Louie, had me well-trained before Andy and Dougy came into my life. Louie let me sleep till 5:00 AM for what was supposed to be his 6:00 AM breakfast.

      The boys, as noted elsewhere, get me up at 3:00 AM for their what was supposed to be 6:00 AM breakfast!

      I got diverted from cleaning today, will be busy tomorrow morning, so I hope to run the vacuum (for a long, long time, boys!) tomorrow afternoon. It’s just too fuzzy around here at the moment. I concede, though, Persian fuzz is very silky! Mmmm! Feels great on the feet!

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