take a break

I’ve been wound up this week. Sorry for that! Anyway, while correcting some issues on my YouTube account, I came across one of my older videos, from May 2011.

Relax, enjoy!

I had a pleasant trip to the VA clinic today. The fellow I drove down for an appointment and I had lots to chat about, all pleasant. Sometimes good deeds do go rewarded!

Of course, Ye Gods tried to mess things up.

There is a section of twisty, hilly road from the intersection of Nebraska 26 and US 385 till you hit a hill that descends onto the tableland. It is a section of highway where it’s hard to pass safely. It’s a section of road where you don’t want to get behind trucks or cars going well under the speed limit. Today, of course, that’s what happened. When I don’t have a time issue, I don’t mind getting into this fix, but today we needed to get back before noon to sign some papers.

Ye Gods. You can see their handiwork right away in this situation!

Even with the time issue, we had roughly 20 miles (a little over 32 kilometers) to travel, with nearly an hour and a half to do it. No sweat! At least not until a tire blew on the truck, which was pulling an oversized load, yet another obstacle to a safe pass.

Chunks of tire flew toward us. I managed to avoid them, but I heard small objects hitting my car. This isn’t a good place to stop so I had wait till we got to town to check for damage. (There was none. Ye Gods weren’t having a good day, apparently, so I did!)

Did I mention I tossed an f-bomb when I saw huge chunks of tire flying toward my car? Use of that word is my single worst vice and leftover behavior from my days in the US Army. Yeah, just one f-bomb, so I’m getting better even if it’s taken over 40 years to get there! Woo hoo!