“You’ve been nominated…”

Each of us likes recognition. Who doesn’t like positive re-enforcement for doing something well? In the blogging world, where it isn’t always clear if anyone reads your blog, a little recognition is especially appreciated. Right?

Be honest with me and yourself: When you receive notice you’ve been nominated for an award that comes with a little graphic to attach to your blog, it is an ego boost.

Then you read through the details of the award, find out you are expected to nominate fifteen more bloggers for the award. The whole “specialness” of the recognition goes down the tubes…fast!


If only new people are eligible, mathematically you hit an impossible number of potential special people to nominate very fast. If anyone may be nominated, including previously awarded individuals, then the same mathematical conundrum kicks in: everyone is less special, their blog less recognized when everyone nominates 15 more individuals for special recognition.

I’ve received two nominations in the past month, which I appreciate on some level. You’ll notice, however, I don’t display either on my blog. I also didn’t pass the nomination on to 15 more people, a number most awards call for.

The table demonstrates why.