haircut day

Dougy and Andy got their bi-monthly grooming session today. They came out of the session prettier than ever, washed, buffed, trimmed, and fluffed.

They even got good marks for being good boys! I was worried about that because Dougy certainly wasn’t a good boy when I had to catch him to take them to the groomer! He gave me a 10 minute chase, that ended up with me all hot and sweaty, and Dougy in the slammer.

He whined about it, of course, because he always does. Dougy thinks he’ll never see freedom again! Andy takes it like a big boy because he knows he’ll be out soon enough. (He’s done more “hard time” in the veterinarian’s cages than Dougy, thanks to starting out life in worse health than his brother.)

I didn’t have energy to try to make a video or even take a photo of the boys after their session, but I probably will do something about that in the next day or so.

In the meantime, Andy and Dougy spent lots of time putting their special touches on their new ‘dos, making sure they smell like Andy to Dougy and like Dougy to Andy! I can’t smell any difference (they have a neutral scent), but they can, and that’s all that matters!