I’ve since received notice that the screw up is “unscrewed”. Ha! Oh well. I should be pleased I got a daily blog out of it, and that my boo-boo might help someone else avoid making the same mistake.

While I thank Maggie for being a good dog and urge her to have a peanut butter treat or two for her quick response to my boo-boo, let me recommend you visit her blog. There’s a link below to maggie0019, a well-written, entertaining blog about Maggie a rescued dog, a rehabilitated dog, and (ultimately) well-trained dog serving others.

It is both amusing and inspiring. She’s a pit bull, which means she has to overcome a strong bias against her breed. In many jurisdictions, she would have been euthanized at the shelter, but Maggie got a second chance at a happy life. With love, training, and patience…well, read the blog!

Go over to the far right, and scroll down the list of blogs I follow till you hit Nr. 7. That’s Maggie’s!