Post 268: Dougy is NOT in the mood!

Cats have better things to do than react to printers and be cute about it. Dougy, usually a pleasant kitty, was NOT in the mood to do the printer thing.

His human, however, paid scant attention to the signs: Dougy ended the encounter with a sarcastic “Woof! Woof!”

(“As if a cat would react doggy-style to human expectations! Hrmph! I’m Douglas the Cat!”)

Okey dokey, Dougy. Peace and flowers, man!


6 thoughts on “Post 268: Dougy is NOT in the mood!

  1. Ha! This was fun to watch! 🙂 Dougy is so handsome and smart! 🙂 Love the tail action! 🙂 Thank you to you and Dougy for sharing this…it’ made me smile and laugh! 🙂
    HUGS for you and Pats and Rubs for Dougy!

    • As you know, kids and animals do what they want when you try to film or photograph them, and so it was with Dougy. Moments earlier, he was reacting in a “cute” way to the racket of the printer. As soon as I started filming, he became a full-blown cat. Ha!

      Dougy thanks you for the nice things you say about him. I hadn’t brushed him yet when I filmed, so he looks a bit rough (just got up from sleeping in my way after all!), but he is a handsome little guy anyway, as is his brother Andy, whose hair is less thick and stays neater without much attention to anything but his very handsome tail.

  2. Loved watching this and Ali used to lay on my printer when she was a baby and have plenty of room. Now she hangs over it when she lays on it and still thinks she is a tiny thing and fits.

    • Dougy has a favorite spot on my computer desk, right in my way, that he, too, fit as a kitten, but now pretty much out-competes me for a sleeping spot. (I manage the mouse as best I can…he’s taking up that spot as I type!)

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