14 thoughts on “Post 269: A wish for you!

  1. I wonder if Doug and Andy would react to seeing this on the PC screen?

    The cutest bird ever and it sounds like he’s calling “Puss.”

    • The boys don’t have much interest in the visual part of videos, though they definitely react to cats “talking”. If a cat is upset or mad in the video, the boys show clear signs of distress, too. If the video cats are in happy moments, the boys prk up their ears, but don’t follow the action on the screen. That said, Andy oftentimes watches my television. His favorites are the “little people”, though cats (such as those in “My Cat From Hell”) sometimes catch his attention.

  2. Oh I’ve just realised the second one doesn’t say but the deer had fallen into their pool. Nothing bad happens and it has the best ending.

  3. I think often it’s good to have a good cry even though it hurts as we can walk around with a lot of pent-up stuff – trying to avoid crying because it hurts!

    It says in the Bible, tears at night, joy in the morning, and that helps me whenever I get choked up for some reason (often to with my cat).

    I’ve cried a lot in the last week, but strangely I feel much better for it now.

    The vid with the lion is wonderful. The lion protected the deer from the other lion and he made it clear he wasn’t going to hurt it. Amazing.

  4. Pretty intense. I was crying along with the RSPCA rescue gentleman at the end of the first one. The second one…too intense. I hate to see the young of any species suffer like that. I guess I’d see a happy ending with it, but I wasn’t up to it after the first video. I’ll come back some other time. The third one…

    Anyway, thank you for sharing, and have a great 2014!

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