Post 315: Andy’s day of reckoning.

Two days ago, Andy and Dougy had an appointment with Dr. Dave, their veterinarian, for an annual check up and shot update. Dougy made it; Andy went into hiding when I tried to find him to put him in the carrier.

He was mighty pleased with himself…:

andy 2

Well, Buster Brown! You just delayed the inevitable! I’m working smarter today (I hope), and have no intention of a repeat of Monday. You will see your veterinarian today, Andy, and you will like it!

andy 1_edited-1

The boys are much too clever for their own good. They pick up on clues much too easily. They know what happens when I dress a certain way. If one’s put in the carrier, they guess that the other soon will be, too. Don’t be confused on this point: They may be sweet little Persian cats, but they are smartypants and get away with it all too often!

Andy’s veterinarian appointment is at 1:30 pm. By ye gods, he will be there!

9 thoughts on “Post 315: Andy’s day of reckoning.

  1. There’s nothing I like better than a good rounding-up-the-cats for a trip to the vet story. It was always a toss-up of who was more stressed those days, me or the cats. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ugh! It’s 1 pm. I’m tempted to start rounding Andy up now, even though it’d mean a long, long incarceration! Onthe other hand, I’d be done with the dirty business. Unlike Dougy (my whiner), Andy is very stoic about being in the carrier once he’s inside and the door closes on his tiny butt. LOL!

      Dougy’s enjoying the heat off my computer desk lamp. Little does he know he also gets a free pass today and the house to himself in a short time.

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