Post 320: A slow fluffy snow day…

When it’s 19 degrees F (-7 degrees C) and there’s a slow fluffy snow falling, the best thing to do is adjust your pace to the day.

Yes, the blessing of a slow fluffy snow day…!

9 thoughts on “Post 320: A slow fluffy snow day…

  1. A good day to snuggle indoors with your furry friends!
    You and Andy and Dougy are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    I hope everything goes well for Andy on Monday.
    I’m praying for him.
    Praying for Dougy’s eyes.
    Praying for you as you care for them.
    HUGE HUGS!!!
    From Carolyn and Cooper 🙂

    • Thanks, Carolyn and Cooper! Dougy’s eye looks great after several days of treatment, and I stopped the eye drops. It’s two hours till Andy and I need to be at the veterinarian’s to start the tests.

      Both he and Dougy are used to being fed at 3:00 AM or shortly after, so we had some upset kitties first thing this morning. It didn’t seem fair to Andy to feed Dougy but not him, so I will wait till I get back from the clinic to feed Dougy.

      I had to put all of their food out of reach last night by 8 PM, so they both are hungry. Andy’s veterinarian said he could drink water, so the boys have that.

      It’s hard to deny a pet food even though it is for his safety. Poor Dougy just gets to suffer along with his brother. I’m skipping breakfast myself until I can feed them. It would be cruel to eat in front of them!

      • Me, too. Dougy’s been moping around the house, sniffing places he knows Andy has been, whining, generally missing his brother. I tried to divert his attention by bringing out one of his favorite toys. That worked a bit: I tired him out enough, he went for a snooze! Thanks for your concern. As soon as I know myself, I will post something on what I learn from Andy’s veterinarian today. First, though, I’m sure Andy will want me to feed him since I don’t think he’s eaten all day. …less than a half hour till I can pick Andy up!

    • No, that was Andy. Dougy usually is the one that takes a step out, but retreats inside as soon as he remembers snow is just another form of – ick! – water! They both hold true to the classic cat aversion to getting wet.

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