Post 319: Cattitude ~ Andy has it!

Wednesday, I learned Andy has a heart murmur and will need follow-up tests next Monday to establish future care. Yesterday, I stewed about my poor invalid kitty. Today, that same cat took on his brother in a manner reminiscent of the kitten wars when they were little:

Andy may have a medical issue, but he still has his cattitude! I am more confident now he’ll be OK in the long run.


Here’s a bonus Dougy video:

4 thoughts on “Post 319: Cattitude ~ Andy has it!

    • Andy and Dougy are lots of fun to live with, too! As brothers, it’s nice they got along and I was able to justify taking both when offered them as kittens, but I think I would have taken them even if it made no sense. They were soooo cute, in a ruffled, crazy-eyed way! They still are, but the adult form tends to be more pretty than wild-looking. I can handle it!

      I haven’t picked Andy up yet, though I know he will have to have medicine, in liquid form, because I had a call from the clinic letting me know this and to find out if there is any flavor Andy especially likes. It seems they have several flavors they can add to the medicine to (I hope) make it more acceptable to the cat.

      It’s 3:17 now, and I have to wait until 4:00 to pick Andy up. He’ll be very hungry, if they didn’t feed him at some point, since he hasn’t eaten since about 7 or so last night otherwise. He’ll be upset with me,too, I’;m sure. He “resisted arrest” this morning, but (while I hummed the “Bad Boys” theme song from “COPS”) I captured him in the end when he thought he could outrun the law. I’ll talk with his veterinarian, of course, before I bring him home.

      I found a good article by a veterinarian blogger on cat heart murmurs that I printed out. I thought it would help Andy’s doctor explain what Andy’s condition is more easily if he could mark the parts that pertained to Andy’s condition. That will help me focus on what to look for in Andy’s behavior in future so we can get him to the veterinarian at the fastest possible time.

      When I had some medical issues of my own, I used this technique of using information I found on the Internet to fine tune my knowledge of my condition, which, in turn, my doctor appreciated since he didn’t have to spend as much time explaining the same things. Also, it gave him a way to feel I was in better control of what I needed to do for myself, how well prepared I was to deal with the vicissitudes and needs of someone – me – with Wegener’s granulomatosis. Also, I felt less anxious because I had fewer surprises when things came up.

  1. Oh my that boy can defend himself.
    Reminds me of two kids in the sand box arguing over the shovel.
    I had to chuckle at Dougy’s happy paws because I could”t tell the top from the bottom at first.
    You and those two adorable boys have a great week end.

    • Thanks! You have a great weekend, too!

      Andy used to out-box Dougy a lot when they were kittens. These days, they chase each other (in fun), but I think Andy’s issue this time was he wanted to lie under the warmth of the lamp. There was this “lump” blocking his way!

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