Post 335: Yo ho ho and a bottle of…erm!?

There’s a bottle of rum that’s followed the family around for decades. I think a brother-in-law brought it to the house on Mississippi Avenue around eggnog season one year. We mostly used it up on one night, a jolly time! The bottle had one shot left in it.

Andy became curious, though maybe he just wanted his photo taken.

Andy became curious, though maybe he just wanted his photo taken.

When I moved over to this apartment almost ten years ago, the bottle of rum followed, and it went from a little hidey hole where I used to live to a new hidey hole where it sat, untouched. It still was just a shot away from becoming an empty bottle I could toss, gaining its spot on the lazy susan for some other little-used thing.

I tried to learn how old the rum was by examination of the bottle and label. I found no dates, not even a copyright date for the label design!

Same as 1979...

Same as 1979…

The front label is identical to that on a bottle of the same brand in a 1979 advertisement I found reproduced on the Internet.

[This year minus 1979…um…35 years!]

ZIP Code missing... they started that in 1963.

ZIP Code missing… they started that in 1963.

On the other hand, the US city where the importer’s located shows on the label without a ZIP Code, something that could put it prior to 1963.

[This year minus 1963…um…51 years plus My Dad was Chief of Police, and I know darn well he wouldn’t have let me drink an eggnog fortified with rum when I still a teenager, which I was in 1963! But I do remember drinking some in eggnog.]

Andy's interested now. Just how old IS that dang rum? I mean, bar codes came in in the 1970s.

Andy’s interested now. Just how old IS that dang rum? I mean, bar codes came in in the 1970s.

Then I noticed a small bar code on the neck of the bottle. Per Wikipedia: “The very first scanning of the now ubiquitous Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code was on a pack of Wrigley Company chewing gum in June 1974.”

That means, the bottle dates no earlier than June 1974, has a label that appeared in a 1979 advertisement, suggesting my memory of rum-laced eggnog must be off by at least a decade, and this particular bottle is no more than 40 years old, most likely at least 35, possibly less.

"Argh!" says Andy. "The bloody smell's enough to knock the bloody whiskers orf me sweet face!"

“Argh!” says Andy. “The bloody smell’s enough to knock the bloody whiskers orf me sweet face!”

Rum never sounds good to me. Regardless, it was wasting space, and would continue to waste space unless I just used it somehow.

The other day, on a nippy sub-freezing evening, I poured the rest of the bottle’s contents into a mug of hot chocolate, and drank it with no remorse!

It was yummy!

4 thoughts on “Post 335: Yo ho ho and a bottle of…erm!?

  1. Bad Boys~ Bad Boys! …Whatcha gonna do when they come for you Bad Boys~ BAD BOYS ! I’M with Andy ! The smell of Rum made my whiskers fall off too ! hehehehe ! I think my blog is up and running Pepi . Can you check it out for me Please ? It’s not as fancy as yours but it’s a start :oD

    • Gladly! Mine wasn’t fancy when I started. Over time, once you build some confidence in yourself, you’ll explore some of those options on the left side of the text entry block, and find it actually is easy (if a bit scary at first) to make major changes, like change the theme to something you like better. Mine was very plain at first. Even now, I’ll see something someone else has done, and be curious about learning how they did it, will explore those options, and (sometimes) find I can do what they did to make it more appealing or…find I can’t do something because the theme I chose doesn’t allow that option. That’s why I changed themes in the first place! (Some option require you pay an extra fee, too, to activate a special feature, something you may or may not want to do.)

      As for the boys, Dougy just came over and touched his nose to my finger, but Andy (who hasn’t had his medicine yet and knows that’s coming up) is AWOL…! Yesterday, he perched on the back of the recliner directly behind my computer chair, where I was on the computer. All I had to do was reach over and pick him up. If I chase him, of course, he’ll really dig in, hide under beds and the like, so I just hang tight until he forgets he’s a wanted kitty!

  2. I am like Andy and would drake a face that is not as adorable as Andys.
    I was so surprised to see booze is sol din plastic bottles.
    That is how long it has been since I drank<:)

    • That and twist off caps on premium wine! I don’t drink often, and mostly prefer wine or beer…and with a meal!

      Andy’s reaction was premium! He insisted I let him smell the bottle, though.

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