Post 336: Daylight Saving Time…again. Rats!

I’m not a Daylight Saving Time fan. When I was working, it meant I spent at least two months a year adjusting to something that served no purpose in my 24 hour a day/three shift workplace. There was heavy energy usage 24 hours a day, and twice a year, jet lagged associates operated dangerous equipment with their circadian rhythms screwed up!

Now that I am retired, my cats decide when I get up, which further confuses the issue of “What time is it?” In a cat/ dog/ horse/ cow/ any-other-critter-up-to-and-including-human-children household, time isn’t regulated by a mechanical or digital timepiece, it’s all about tummy time: “Wake up! Wake up! Feed me! NOW!”

We should have saved that ancient rum for tonight, whiskers be damned! Argh!

We should have saved that ancient rum for tonight, whiskers be damned! Argh!

Yes, Andy and Dougy will wake me up when their little cat stomachs empty sufficiently to trigger the hunger button.

This is the “spring forward” season, right? Skip an hour ahead so that 2 AM tonight is 3 AM DST.

My cats reckon 3 AM is “feed the kitties time”, so you’d think I’d get their wake up call at 4 AM DST – or 3 AM standard time, if we didn’t mess with the clocks. That’s the time the boys sense it’s time to be fed – 3 AM – eh?!

Picture 251

I guarantee Dougy and Andy don’t grasp the concept. They operate of a “spring back/ fall forward” notion of time. Really! Born on July 1, 2011, the boys reckon standard time is what we call DST, and vice versa. Confused? No more than my cats: I’ll get my wake up call at 2 AM standard time tomorrow morning, when clocks should be set ahead to 3 AM for Daylight Saving Time.

Guess what? Come standard time next fall, when tummy time is 3 AM Daylight Savings Time, finally, the cats won’t give me that extra hour of sleep to 4 AM standard time. At least I think that’s how they handle it. All I know is the boys never let me have an extra hour of sleep at Fall time change!

Still confused? No more than my cats and me.

2 thoughts on “Post 336: Daylight Saving Time…again. Rats!

  1. I am happy daylight savings time is here and we will have day light earlier in the mornings now.
    I love Spring and summer and part of Fall.
    Thanks for the reminder to turn clocks ahead.
    Your boys and my Ali have the same thing in common, besides being beautiful and adorable, and that is their tummys rule.
    I have been getting the 5 am meow and then the paw tap to the face to let me know the Princess is ready to eat.
    Gotta love them.

    • The boys started hinting it was time to get up around 11:30! At regular intervals until 2 AM, they reminded me. I finally compromised at 2:30 standard time/3:30 daylight. I washed dishes, reset clocks on the microwave and stove, one in my bedroom (the alarm clock that I never need…!), a clock in the kitchen that is a Felix the Cat with eyes and tail that move back and forth, then noticed the atomic clock that sprang forward an hour at the start of the month doubled up and sprang forward another hour last night! I may just leave it instead of trying to straighten it out. My computer clock updated correctly, as did another atomic clock in the front room. The clock in my Bose Wave radio/CD player didn’t update like it’s supposed to, so I guess that’s the next one to straighten out. The clock in my car is whatever it was after they replaced a battery two winters ago: Who cares! I guess the wristwatch I wear at the museum since none of the clocks are easy to see where I sit needs changing. What a waste of energy! II rarely need to know the time (other than the date), and most of the clocks I updated don’t serve any purpose other than to give me busy work twice a year to update! Oh, and there’s a clock in the guest bedroom that will be updated whenever someone comes to visit, but otherwise just draws power telling no one anything.

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