Post 377: Mommy?

There was a photo of a cat that caught my eye in tonight’s Alliance Times-Herald. I swear it looks exactly like Andy and Dougy’s Mommy!

It may or may not be their mother, but it looks like her. I’ll try to find out. It could be a male cat, for that matter.



6 thoughts on “Post 377: Mommy?

    • I understand what you mean. The cat I had before Andy and Dougy was a five year old rescue cat. He was such a fine cat in all regards: excellent behavior in the house (though he was a cabinet door opener, like Andy), used the appropriate scratching posts I provided, let me sleep till six, though he started working on me at 3, didn’t climb on counters (though he did climb on the dining room table….), and so on. He was a handsome orange tabby, and I regretted not knowing his history before I adopted him, especially his kitten months. I bet he was a tremendously fun klitten, based on his adult behaviors! (And very cute, too.)

      • Yes, Louie was the orange tabby cat I got when the veterinarian estimated him to be five years old. I had him 22 months, which was sadly too short, before he died of lymphoma. Of course, because I picked up his ashes one day and the lady who owned the mother of my two cats was looking for homes for the kittens, I ended up with one, then two of the litter. It seemed like it was meant to be.

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