Post 447: PG-13

If you are a delicate petunia, you might want to turn the sound off or down before watching the short video.

I decided to post this anyway since the world didn’t come to an end, and the sun came up today, the day after this happened.

6 thoughts on “Post 447: PG-13

  1. I think this is very cool and your brother has a big heart.
    I see Dougy got his lovings anyway. Dougy is a big boy or maybe a lot of beautiful fluffy boy.
    Hope you all have a good week that got here way to fast.

    • We have a great time when he’s here, and the boys think he’s the cat’s meow…! (Sorry! That was predictable, I know, but they really, really, really like my brother because he’s excellent with animals and small critters in general, including kids!)

    • I had to post this one because I know you and the California crew miss him!Amazingly enough, it’s less than two weeks till he flies home. Don’t know where the time goes…!

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