Post 469: Try it, you’ll like it!

One of the best parts of travel abroad or living in a country not your own is the opportunity to try food and drink you might not be exposed to otherwise.

I never became a fan of French stinky cheeses. (“If it smells like the floor of a stable, it’ll taste the same,” I’d protest!) Though I tried many foods I didn’t feel comfortable eating at first, most proved to be tasty. Calf brains…not so much! Yet squid, octopus, snails, and frog legs all were agreeable.

A lot of it is the skill of the person preparing the food, I know, but not knowing what something is helps, too.

No guinea pig for supper for me! They are too cute, and I love their little squeaky sounds!

No guinea pig for supper for me! They are too cute, and I love their little squeaky sounds!

Back here in Nebraska several years ago, my boss took the department to supper at a nice out-of-town restaurant. A variety of appetizers brought to the table disappeared quickly, especially one my boss told me was deep-fried mushrooms.

“More mushrooms?” he asked. “Sure! Those are really good!”

He called the waitress over to the table and pointed at the treat. “We’ll have more of these, please.” And I gobbled down several more when they arrived, aware that steak and lobster were the menu for the night, that I needed to save some room.

Then my boss told me the truth, “Those are turkey fries.”

I ate them only because I thought they were mushrooms, which I know I like! Yeah, turkey testicles, breaded and deep-fried, are pretty tasty, but I didn’t even need a passport to find that out.

6 thoughts on “Post 469: Try it, you’ll like it!

    • I wouldn’t ewat cat or dog for pretty much the same reason. I know it’s just a cultural thing, but there isn’t any reason to eat something just to prove you can. (In my humble opinion!)

    • I generally can get past anything but smell if I don’t know what it is, followed by appearance. I can’t see myself eating some sea delicacies, for example. Personally, I think a good host doesn’t spring something like sheep’s eyeballs on a guest and expect them to eat it if they come from a different culture, though, if you get that put on your plate, I think a good host should be able to accept a guest from a different culture’s plea not to be expected to eat it, even if the intention was to honor the guest…. (Sure!)

    • Don’t forget: I didn’t eat the stinky cheese! I have my limits. Insects and grubs, wild game (especially anything that was carried in a dog’s mouth or that is a carnivore), warthog anus (was it Anthony Bourdain who eat that “delicacy” as a guest among bushmen?), and more – fugu, notably – remain untasted because I do have limits!

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