Post 482: ‘nipped

Andy put up a valiant effort today to avoid getting his daily dose of blood pressure medicine. The process began a bit after 3 AM, but took till 6:45 AM to complete: He didn’t want to take his medicine today! No way!

Around 6:30, I tossed out the treats I usually give Andy after he takes his medicine. “Maybe Andy’ll come over for the treats”, I thought. “Then I can nab him.”

Secret weapon? My cats think it stinks.

Secret weapon? My cats think it stinks.

Have I mentioned Andy has genius level cat intelligence when it comes to escape and evasion skills? No? Well, he does, and he was wary of the treats. I finally caught him when I used my cane to block him into a spot by the front door where his escape routes were cut off.

Captured and medicated, I stroked Andy’s head and rubbed his nose. “What a good boy you are, Andy!” I told him over and over, because he is, then I let him down.

I decided to reward Andy with fresh catnip since the “good boy” treats were already out. I grow catnip in the window by my kitchen sink. I was delighted to see my neglected catnip plant — it’s a weed and doesn’t require much skill to grow — managed to put out flowers!

Dougy tenses up in anticipation of the assault of catnip on his nose...!

Dougy tenses up in anticipation of the assault of catnip on his nose…!

I picked a small amount with flowers for Andy. He and Dougy cringed and dropped back when I approached them. Fresh catnip is nauseatingly minty-musk scented and over-powering to me, so I can understand their reaction! Dougy rarely gets close to it, yet Andy likes to eat the leaves once the scent settles down a little.

They both ran away as soon as the catnip stench hit their noses. “So much for cats go crazy with pleasure on catnip,” I thought as I followed Dougy, the easier one to catch most days. “Maybe he can be persuaded to try it.”

"Icky! I don't want any of that stuff," Dougy said. Well, he would have were he not a cat!

“Icky! I don’t want any of that stuff,” Dougy said. Well, he would have were he not a cat!

Dougy tried to avoid the catnip in my hand when I slowly brought it up to his nose. He appeared to be distressed more than amused, so I backed away.

In the meantime, Andy’d climbed on his favorite perch, the top of the blue carrier. I decided I’d photograph him reacting to the catnip, but he ran away from the nasty leaves.

Today is not the day I get Andy and Dougy to react to catnip for your amusement and mine, I decided. I ripped the leaves and blossoms off the stem and tossed them on the floor by the cardboard castle by the utility closet. More likely than not, Andy’ll sample a leaf or two later. Dougy…not so much.