Post 483: “No! I don’t want my medicine!”

I never know. Today was one of those difficult days to catch Andy. He became suspicious the moment I walked toward him, and ran under my computer desk. (The beat up backless chair on the left becomes important later on…!)


Under the desk, Andy has several escape routes, but mostly has the advantage that I have to bend over and reach some distance to catch him there: It can’t happen!

andy 73014 c

Couldn’t catch the now-wary cat, so I decided to look at what was new on Facebook. Yes, I know, it’s always the same old stuff: righties bashing lefties, lefties bashing righties, people exposing the most personal details of their lives to total strangers because they haven’t figured out the privacy settings yet or just don’t care, and lots of cat and dog photos among the cute babies.

Besides, Andy’d hopped up on the blue carrier. If I’m stealthy enough, I can sometimes walk right over and grab him!

andy 73014 e

So far, looking good for a capture…!

andy 73014 f

Oops! The little rascal caught a glimpse of me. Their peripheral vision is greater than ours, you know. Yeah, I know that, too!

Andy hopped off the carrier, ran under the table…!

andy 73014 a

This is the single best place to run to avoid capture. Well, under the beds in the guest bedroom are pretty good,too, but the table gambit is a reliable one for a fugitive kitty. Don’t think Andy isn’t well aware of that!

Believe me. I’m not a patient person by nature. You can — I can! — learn from my cats, though. Patience is one thing they “help” me practice with some regularity, particularly Mr. Andrew. So back to my computer I went to look for more cute kitty pictures on Facebook.

Andy wanted his post-medicine “good kitty” treat. He came over to the beat up backless chair I pointed out in the first photo. It’s my old computer chair, something I’d toss if the cats didn’t love to lounge on it! Andy especially likes this chair. He hopped up on it, reminded me about his treats. I ignored him, he stretched out to pout. I let him ponder the mystery of the missing treats a bit, then reached over and grabbed him by the nape.

Victory was mine! Yeah, ha!

andy 73014 h

I wrapped Andy in the bath towel. He looked up at me, knowing the next thing to come was icky medicine!

andy 73014 i

Of course, I can’t show you how I stick the little syringe full of medicine in his mouth and squirt it because they amputated my extra arm, and I needed the remaining arm not holding Andy to operate the camera. (Just kidding!) The photo shows how he resists by moving his head around and away from the syringe till I finally immobilize him enough to get the job done.

andy 73014 jay

Here is Andy in his “hell, might as well take it like a good boy” face. And he did. And he got his treats, pronto! Cats can learn from their humans, too: patience!