Post 476: what happened before the camera battery crashed

Both Andy and Dougy are wound up today, wanting to play, play, play…!

Ok, I decided, we’ll play, but I’ll make a video at the same time since I rarely get them both playing together with the same toy.

(Dougy’s telling me to hurry up, incidentally, because he still wants to play! He’s a whiner, so I will pay attention or endure his fuss. Now, he’s adding some “soft claws” to his appeal. Next, full claws: Dougy doesn’t play around…when it comes to play!)

Gotta go now. Dougy’s eyes are glowing!

Post 475: “We wait…!”

Andy and Dougy have their priorities. Sorry, but this post interferes with kitty play time some days, and the boys don’t get it.

Andy waits.

Andy waits.

Andy watches and watches. Something, something might just happen, and he wants to be ready!

Dougy waits.

Dougy waits.

Dougy choses the “whiney kitten” mode, sighing, pacing, positioning himself in play zones in broad hints about what he wants and expects from me…NOW!

I better close this early, and get back to my primary purpose in life, amusing my cats! See ya!