Post 481: a new favorite toy

Andy tried to get may attention, but I’d just begun reading today’s comics online. (“Dang! Can’t the cat wait a moment?” I wondered.)

andy 72814 b

I tried to ignore Andy a bit longer, but he knew I had something on my computer desk that he wanted.


Yes, I had the boys’ new favorite toy! And I wasn’t letting them play with it.

Dougy tried to hop up on my computer desk from the wrong side, knocking down my keyboard and scratching me in the process. I said some words and recovered my keyboard. Dougy ran into the kitchen to hide. He knew he was temporarily the bad boy! (No real harm done, however, and I noted the incident removed one cat from the play for a few minutes more.)

But it didn’t eliminate Andy! He hopped on top of my computer and gave me “The Look.”

andy at night

“Yes, master,” I told him, and we played with the new favorite toy for several minutes. Dougy came back, too, and we had a play party.