Post 451: Happy Canada Day…and Happy Birthday Andy and Dougy!

Let’s get this straight: Canada came into being before my cats, so, technically, it’s Canada’s “birthday” first. Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Pop a few, though, in celebration of the other significant July 1st event, my Persian cats Andy and Dougy’s third birthday!

My Seattle sister sent this greetings, which, I hope doesn’t self-destruct after a time:

There aren’t any wild plans for the boys’ birthday — they’re cats for goodness sake! — but I will try to be extra nice to them, to overlook Dougy’s bad habit of scratching on furniture when there’s a scratching post one cat length away, and to remember Andy’s sometimes moodiness hides a sweet kitty heart.

Happy Birthday, Andy and Dougy! You captured my heart when you were kittens and are a continued joy every day! This is your day! (In “people years”, Andy and Dougy now are the equivalent of 28 years old.)

The birthday boys!

The birthday boys!