Post 586: hairy weather…pun intended

Wow! It’s only -3ºF (-19.4ºC) degrees at the moment, with a projected high of 5ºF (-15ºC). It was cold enough yesterday, but it’s good today wasn’t the day for Andy and Dougy’s November grooming appointment.

Poor kitties. Get a teddy bear cut, then go out into that cold…now, that would be hairy!








andy 3




Andy made sure I knew he was still in charge here. Here he is putting his little groomed butt right down on the table! Neither he nor Dougy climbs on counters, but the table is another matter. Go figure. Typical, he chose a pile of magazines I’m taking to the care center to share with the residents. Yes, he claimed that pile for himself, Dougy.


On the table...

On the table…

"I sit wherever I want  to!" says Andy.

“I sit where I want!” says Andy. “Mine!”

The report from their groomer is they were good boys, though Andy lost interest early on. He didn’t get touch ups after he was bathed and blow dried, though he looks just fine. I mean, where’s he going anyway? The cat show? He looks fine! So does Dougy.

16 thoughts on “Post 586: hairy weather…pun intended

    • Thanks! Andy and Dougy tell me to tell you > mrow-mrow-mrow! <, and they purred while saying so! They are pretty sweet kitties, with pleasant personalities, though both have their moments…! 😉

    • They both have pretty eyes, too, so I’m always happy when I can catch them on a photo. Dougy, in particular, is sensitive to the flash, so usually turns his head or blinks 99% of the time when I aim a camera his way. Andy is a bit easier to catch with his eyes open, but not much! Anyway, it’s always a good day when I bring them home from the groomer because they smell nice (!) and look kittenish. Also, with the hair trimmed back, you can appreciate their sleek lines. Andy is especially streamlined, a regular cheetah without spots! Dougy is a bit chubbier built (not fat, just shorter bodied…oh, yeah, he does have a slight tummy!)

    • Yes, especially long-haired ones because they get mats in their hair. Some cats have very oily hair, too, just like people, and these may need regular baths to help control that.

    • OW! Too soon! Too much! I’m not ready yet, though I guess I should be in November. It is bitter cold out today, and the chill just hangs in the air. I’m cutting my computer time short today so I can wrap myself in my comforter and stay toasty! You do that, too!

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