Post 600: “Purdytail” and “Fluffybutt”

In this season of giving thanks, counting one’s blessings, I have to add two to the long list: Purdytail and Fluffybutt. You know them by different names…!

They came to me when I was grieving the loss of Louie the ginger cat, and they added just the right element of fun back into my life. I mean, who can resist the charms of kittens?

Purdytail (left); Fluffybutt (ri9ght)

Purdytail  (AKA Andy) and Fluffybutt (AKA Dougy)

I don’t usually use their nicknames. Andy is so serious a little cat he just doesn’t seem like the nickname sort, even though his nickname features his handsome tail.

His brother Dougy, however, is a full-fledged character, and  the name Dougy seems to capture that sense of him.

By any name, though, Andy and Dougy are a joy in my life, the best reason ever to get up in the morning, if only to see what they destroyed with their claws in the night. 😉

nicknames and endearments

I don’t recall any nicknames that stuck to me. I am a bit stuffy about such familiarity. My cats, however, don’t get any respect.

Andy has at least two nicknames. “Pretty Boy” and “Pretty Tail”, spoken in an excited tone. Spoken while petting him, these words seem to suit Andy’s needs.

Dougy gets the stick with his nickname, but he’s so mellow he doesn’t care. Yep, his nickname is “Chubs” because he is a bit porky. Not bad, but to a point I make sure to get his veterinarian’s opinion about it each time the boys go in for checkups and booster shots.

Endearments are simple. Both are “Sweety”, because they are. Same for “Good Boy”, which mostly is true!

The boys’ nicknames came out of the confusion I endured when they were kittens and looked identical. Revisiting the videos and photos from that time, I can see the distinctive Andy and Dougy characteristics that weren’t so obvious then. The endearments come out of affection, of course, for a couple of pretty good cats.