Post 660: dead asleep…

I got up at the usual 2:30 AM to feed Andy and Dougy. They insisted on it. Then I went back to bed.

“I’ll catch the news on television, then think about getting up for the day,” I thought. Then I went back to sleep.

OMG!  ...and that dark presence is there again!

…and that dark presence is here again!

Out cold to the world. Dead asleep. You can’t wake the dead from their sleep. 

“Ummm…. Mothra in flames! It’s almost 8:30!” Dougy sniffed me and woke me up. (No doubt thinking, “…if he’s dead, he’s meat!”)


I hopped right out of bed.

30 thoughts on “Post 660: dead asleep…

    • Dogs are nicer about waking you, I think, and take criticism deeply to heart. “Oh, please get up! I love you and want to lick you and be with you! You can feed me too, if it’s convenient!” “Bad doggy! You go back to bed or I’ll bob your tail and hide your chew bone!” [Sad whimpers and tail between the legs.]

      Cats, on the other hand, feel entitled in all respects. “Awww! Not yet, kitty!” “How dare you question my judgement that you should be awake and up and feeding me right now?! Then I expect 30 minutes of wand toy play before you clean out all my litter boxes!” “Yes, kitty. Right away, kitty.”

      • I totally understand that, weggiebloke. There’s no need to feel any discomfort in not going along with this. It’s rather like the Pyramid Scheme of blogging, isn’t it?

        • Tom von Kapherr and I recently put out a joint blog featuring 23 blogs we especially liked for one reason or another, which is no less tricky since there are far more blogs than 23 we both like a lot! We think we may do it on a regular (annual?) basis since the response was so positive and many people noted they checked out the blogs we mentioned and subscribed to them, too.

          As for the award thing, it does have a chain letter quality. I’ve used lists people post of the 4, 10, 15 blogs they nominate as a starting point to check out blogs I haven’t seen that someone whose blog I do like’s recommended, and ended up subscribing to many of them, so the process isn’t “bad” or without value.

          For those who still don’t get it, take one person nominating 10 people, nominating ten more people each, till you reach approximately 7,200,000,000 (or whatever the current world population is). You get there much faster than you realize. 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10,000,000,000.

    • A friend reminded me this morning of an incident where someone we knew died and wasn’t found for some appalling length of time afterwards. His cat did, indeed, survive on the dead friend. Dear me! (She noted that’s one reason she tries to check up on friends regularly and especially if she hasn’t heard from them for a few days.)

  1. Enter my completely unfounded advice: If you answer to them, you train them, that their molesting is successful. I only had to sit out a few unpleasant nights – after that they were trained not to try before 7 or 8 … My cats are not more clever than yours, they are just not so spoilt … And there are no firm feeding hours, as well, so they get breakfast and dinner when they get it – and have additionally dry food lying around. They were used to from their shelter – and they do not overindulge in that.

  2. 2:00 AM feedings…I know this one well. Feeding calls at those hours were mainly from Mr. Beaucastel and Mr. Austin, who came with us from the east coast, and were still on Eastern Standard Time, where they were fed at 5:00 AM. Cat stomach clocks never change from their time zone of origin, but I see Andy and Dougy are free-wheeling!

    • You aren’t kidding there, Lavinia. One reason I hate Daylight Savings Time (other than I get no benefit whatsoever from it and never saw a benefit to in when I worked in a hose factory where people worked on three shifts) is the boys never adjust. They were born in Mountain Daylight Savings Time (July 1st, 2011) and are in a perpetual DST mode. I used to think their predecessor cat Louie the ginger cat was a taskmaster for making me feed him at some later time I now forget. (I think it was 5:00 AM, but you know how memory sweetens details if it makes a happier or more dramatic story!)

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