Post 649: A thing I learned from my cats…

I had no choice but to go for groceries today unless I wanted to eat macaroni with ketchup for sauce and oatmeal for breakfast, noon and night. This happens when weather or laziness keep me away from the store and I run out of basics, like anything edible.

A trip to the grocery store restored my larder, but left me very tired. Some days are like that for me. I know one of two things will happen: I’ll continue to wear myself to a frazzle because there are too many things I need to get done…or…I’ll take a lesson from my cats.



"La-la-la-la-la! Doing nothing! Doing Nothing all day!"

“La-la-la-la-la! Doing nothing! Doing nothing all day! See my paw!? Speak to the paw.”

"Doing my sphinx imitation. 'Sphinx' like an Egyptian!"

“Doing my sphinx imitation. ‘Sphinx’ like an Egyptian!”

"Hope you learned something from this."

“Hope you learned something from this.”

“Yeah, Andy. When you get worn to a frazzle, stop, relax, and lick your butt till it sparkles!”

“Ohhh! You humans just don’t get it! Stop and put your feet up, but not on Dougy’s ottoman. You know how pissy he gets about that!”