One more day…

See what I mean about everyone getting anxious to see the next installment of interviews!?

Note: Thursday Ms. Zulu answers Andy and Dougy’s tough questions…!

Tomorrow, the second part of the pet interviews comes out on Anarette’s blog and as a reblog here. This time, it will be Andy and Dougy asking Ms. Zulu about being a dog. 

The boys know a dog when they see one because they’ve seen them at the veterinarian’s and at the groomer’s. They don’t know much more about them than what they look and smell like, though, and how they have slobbery tongues.

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(“Wow! I could take a bath in seconds with that tongue!” I overheard Dougy say to Andy once at the groomer’s when a very friendly dog stopped by their carrier to sniff. The boys are pedigreed cats so they appreciate excellence no matter how it manifests itself!)

The first interview by Ms. Zulu of Andy and Dougy was a big hit with their fans. I predict the second part will be a big hit, too, because  Ms. Zulu is as interesting as she is beautiful.