Post 668: Andy’s new den…

I should know better. Really, I should. The rule of the house is this: “Do not let the cat brothers see any new boxes that come into the house. Ever!”

Smarty me, I opened a box, thinking it had no promise for a cat playhouse (i.e. “den”!), gathered packaging material into a plastic bag and stuffed it all back in the box, a flat affair I intended to toss as soon as the movie on TMC was over. Yeah!

Then Andy came around, patted me on the arm the way he does when he wants something, and I rubbed his ears and face. That seemed to satisfy him  because  he rolled over on his back next to my glide rocker. Usually he runs into the next room, expecting me to follow him.

"Say what?!" Andy sees the potential!

“Say what?!” Andy sees the potential!

 I returned to my movie. Shortly after, I heard some noise coming out of the flat box. A fluffy tail stuck out the front. Andy managed to stuff himself in the box, and was “personalizing” it by pushing the plastic bag of packaging material out. He was going to have the whole box to himself!

Andy pops out the "front door" of his new den and...

Andy pops out the “front door” of his new den and…

...looks around for his brother Dougy.

…looks around for his brother Dougy.

All clear! No Dougy in sight!

All clear! No Dougy in sight! Andy relaxes and prepares for a cat nap!

The house is littered with boxes claimed by the kitties. Eventually, after I see the boys aren’t using a box much, I “recycle” it into the trash, something that always brings both cats to watch.  It’s cute the way they stare in disbelief  while I tear up a box and stuff it in a trash bag! It’s like Romans trying to absorb the invasion of Rome by a barbarian horde. 😉

Andy did let me toss the bag of packaging material. Whoopee! But I bet he or Dougy “excavates” it from the wastepaper basket later because they are naughty kitties that tip trash over. They look like a barbarian horde invading Rome when they do that. Where do they learn this stuff? 🙁