Post 650: Ms. Zulu calling…!

Andy and Dougy don’t get too many calls, but they heard from Ms. Zulu yesterday.

Ms. Zulu proposed that the boys and she exchange questions by Skype. You know, dog questions about cats, and cat questions about dogs: inquiring minds want to know!

Ms. Zulu

Ms. Zulu at sea!

Andy and Dougy were amenable, and both the boys and Ms. Zulu set about having their humans writing down questions they had about the other. Sometime in the next few days, their questions and answers with appear here and in the blog posted by Ms. Zulu’s human, Anarette.

Don’t worry. We’ll set up links between our two blogs so you can see both sets of questions and answers so long as you follow one or the other of our blogs. (One hopes you’ll follow both of us, of course!) 

We’ve seen the preliminary questions, and we think you will enjoy the answers. Both Ms. Zulu and the boys are very specific and (I confess for the boys) a bit biased, but the answers surely will be handled with grace and good manners. Really!