Post 696: My “backyard” is a mysterious place…

No kitties today, just a new video showing a local attraction, Carhenge. I live about three miles  (about 4.8 km) south of it.

My favorite comment left at the site, by an English visitor: “We have one like this in England.”


14 thoughts on “Post 696: My “backyard” is a mysterious place…

    • In itself, it isn’t worth a trip from the West Coast, but this area has lots of historical and geological interest. Mt. Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial in Custer, Ft. Robinson (where Crazy Horse was killed) in Crawford, the Mammoth Dig site in Hot Springs, Scottsbluff National Monument, Ft. Laramie, Chimney Rock, the Black Hills, Agate Fossil Beds (with a fascinating collection of fossils and Lakota artifacts that were gifts to Captain Cook from Red Cloud and his band for sheltering them during the Wounded Knee hysteria, and Wounded Knee all are within minutes to less than three hours away, all interesting day trips.

  1. An interesting site! We had “farmhenge” of sorts in the old house. At the spring and fall equinoxes, the setting sun reflected off of the windows of the farmhouse to the east up the hill and came in directly though our east window, casting shadows of the plants in that window onto the side of the wine cabinet.

    • Ha! The builders did a good job orienting your house it seems! Of course, isn’t pragmatism one of those old Yankee traits? Who more than a farmer needs to have a good handle on the seasons?

  2. Hope you find who this Pauline and Memphis is? 😕
    I am curious as to how that pic got to your media file?
    Perhaps, Andy and Dougy knows that the dogs wont stand a chance, with them together. 🙂 :pleased:

    • Almost as soon as I posted that, I remembered that yesterday’s reblog about the wife who died at 41 and how the family gathered around her at the end had a photo attached. I revisited that post: Pauline and Memphis the dog. When you reblog something, any attachments (photos, etc.) go into you media file. I forgot about that since I rarely reblog things. Anyway, I reposted it without her photo. Mystery solved.

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