Post 697: In which Andy is mentioned in a comment, and that leads to his capture!

Susan P of the always charming blog  (link at end of post…!) commented in response to Post 695, ” Cats are definitely wily. And fast.”

I responded back, “And how! [Andy’s on the top of the recliner, just behind me and within grabbing distance….! He hasn’t been medicated yet this morning. I’m thinking a quick grab and I have the little fart. He’s receiving my brain waves over his whisker receivers, and processing the plan as I type…! Will I catch him and get medicine down his throat…or will he get away and hide the rest of the day, knowing I’m on the prowl? Stay tuned!]”

 Andy tried to wiggle free...!

Andy tried to wiggle free…

...but if I have to be iun the dang photo, he has no choice but to pose nicely. Well, as nicely as a hostage can!

…but if I have to be in the dang photo, he has no choice but to pose nicely. Well, as nicely as a hostage can! We were not happy!

Captured, photographed in his shame, dosed, massaged and reassured, Andy was released to spend the rest of the day munching his treats for being a good boy or to do whatever he wishes!

I dedicate today’s blog to Susan. If she hadn’t brought up the issue of wiliness in cats, I wouldn’t have felt challenged to capture Andy at that moment, and this would have been a totally different post, most likely one damning a Congress that held 315,000,000 Americans hostage over funding the Department of Homeland Security, tens of millions more than the “Islamist Terrorists of ISIS” imperil. Yeah, not as fun as a kitty post.

24 thoughts on “Post 697: In which Andy is mentioned in a comment, and that leads to his capture!

  1. We are very concerned about the home land security issues and the games the pelicans are playing while they throw temper tantrums over who is going to get what they want.
    That is the problem-what they want, not what they were elected to do.

    • Very upsetting to me, too! When I saw the House Speaker making kissyfaces at the reporter, I wanted to reach through the television screen and remind him the safety of the nation was in the air because of assholes like him, and that being a smartass on television that way demonstrated what a pathetic piece of work he is. I hope he loses his speakership over this business, but he probably won’t. I was much more impressed with McConnell’s handling of the issue in the Senate. At some point, these jokers need to forget they are politicians and try to work together like adults.

    • Ha! Ha! And how! What doesn’t show is how he has all of his front claws digging into my shoulder. If I let up on the hold even a fraction of a second, he’d catapult (of course!) over my shoulder to freedom.

    • Thanks! They keep me hopping, and that’s a good thing. Andy, incidentally, has been in hiding since “breakfast” time. I had a good run of on time medicine deliveries, bragged about it, and Andy showed he hasn’t tossed in the catnip banana just yet!

        • And how! I note that while Andywent all day without me seeing him to give him his medicine, he came out to eat supper at 2:30. He came, I saw, I conquered, to paraphrase! I picked up the little rascal, gave him his medicine faster than you can say “…but I don’t want to take my medicine…!”, and set him down. He didn’t know what hit him! 🙂

          • George had a bad case of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (because he wasn’t getting enough liquid) and after the first dose of meds he ran as soon as he saw me walk into the room. Finally, when I got him, I shut him up with his litter box, his water and his food in the guest bathroom where he pouted and felt ill-used until the meds were done.

          • Andy is a very good boy up till the time I put him on his back to start the maneuver to dose him. Then he yowls a little, but is amazingly calm about the whole process otherwise. Afterwards, I hold him with his front paws on my shoulder, and he returns the favor by digging in with his claws. When I massage his shoulders, ears, and nose, however, he relaxes a bit, then I release him to get his treats.

            I hate to think of how much harder medicating Andy would be if I didn’t have the alternative of medicine in a tuna-flavored liquid.

            Dougy periodically has a problem with a feline herpes infection in his left eye. He is a real baby about that eye drop (one drop twice a day, usually). I hate to think what a terror he’d be if he ever had to have regular medication like his brother!

          • They both had diarrhea from eating a grasshopper that was infected with a parasite. It somehow got into their cage at the veterinarian’s, and they somehow caught and ate it…! By their fifth month, the problem finally was in control, but I had to deal with diarrhea, washing poop-covered cats and/or cat butts, and special diets till things settled down.

            The heart murmur/high blood pressure issue in Andy didn’t come up until February last year. I take them in every six months or so for routine exams or periodic update on shots (as needed), and the problem was caught during one of those routine exams. I also take then in if they have symptoms of some sort or other. Andy sometimes has red ears from blood close to the surface of the skin. Apparently it is an allergic reaction. His veterinarian didn’t give me anything for it or suggest it was a problem – other than alarming me! It doesn’t last and it doesn’t seem to cause him any problems.

            Dougy’s eye infection issue popped up when he was still less than a year old. Apparently this is something they can get from their mothers. If his eye is goopy, I have to put eye drops in. If not, he has that Persian cat thing with the weepy eyes.

            Would I have taken either or both of them home had I known they had or would have medical issues like this? Probably not. That I did take them home, however, is something I don’t regret because they are a hoot, a big joy in my life despite their occasional medical issues. Keep in mind I have my own occasional medical issues, so it’d be hypocrisy on my part to expect perfection from my cats when I am less than perfect myself!

          • I understand that completely given George’s health things. He is definitely my happy place. Thank you for telling me about their adventures.

          • My pleasure! I like reading and seeing what other cat and dog people have to say about their furry charges, too, so it is mutually beneficial.

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