It’s Tax Time! Just Not For Them!

I managed to get money back on my taxes this year. How about you? On the other hand, some taxpayers got away without paying a cent and still got money back. Hunh?!



Well Toritto filed his federal tax return yesterday. Electronically.

I owe the Feds money. I owe the Feds $447. That’s $447 over and above what I had withheld during the year from my social security and fixed income pension checks.

This old, retired almost 73 year old, partially blind diabetic with a heart condition, living on fixed income, who drives a 2006 Hyundai paid more in taxes than General Electric.


From 2008 to 2013, while GE made over $33.9 billion in United States profits, it received a total tax refund of more than $2.9 billion from the Internal Revenue Service.

G.E.’s effective U.S. corporate income tax rate over this six year period was -9 percent.

In 2012, GE stashed $108 billion in offshore tax havens to avoid paying income taxes. If this practice were outlawed, GE would have paid $37.8 billion in federal income taxes that year.



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