Post 703: the “sheepies” are shorn…

Andy and Dougy had a morning at the kitty spa yesterday, and came back smelling and looking pretty nice!

Of course, once I released them at home, their first job (after running away from me) was to reclaim their identities by applying lots of cat spit all over and rubbing against things to get their kitty stink going again. So cute!

And I caught them sniffing each other’s butts: “Is that you, brother?!” “Yes, I think so, though I don’t recognize my smell.”

Andy's lookin' good!

Andy’s lookin’ good!

So's my other main cat, Dougy!

So’s my other main cat, Dougy!

Another look at Andy's new teddy bear cut.

Another look at Andy’s new teddy bear cut.

In this shot, it's easier to see how the teddy bear cut looks. Dougy is one hot kitty!

In this shot, it’s easier to see how the teddy bear cut looks. Dougy is one hot kitty!

Yes, the boys’ groomers report they were good boys again!That’s all I ask.

68 thoughts on “Post 703: the “sheepies” are shorn…

    • The pack on new hair really fast. Their next grooming appointment is May 7th, and I’m thinking about letting them grow their hair out to normal Persian length as an experiment. They seem not to get tangles and mats in their hair any more, which may be a function of regular grooming as much as length. I do think they are prettier with long hair since the smoke qualities show better. The only thing I’d want trimmed up is their little butts since nothing is grimmer than a turd trapped in butt hair! (The boys and I don’t approve of giving cats baths, which is a negative that comes of poop trapped in hair.)

  1. I love this last shot of Dougy and it shows off the kitty hair do more. This is a really cute cut and he looks so adorable. He just looks so huggable.
    Our friend just got a little munchkin kitten and she is the most precious little thing.

    • I was pleased with that shot, too, because it’s hard to get decent photos of a moving black cat in a low light area, as you know! He is very huggable, though he is a young enough cat he still thinks he has better things to do than be “wuvved”!

      Munchkin cats are cute, for sure! I know some people have issues with breeding cats (or other animals) that have genetic issues (dwarfism, in this case) and the attendant health issues, but I have two cats that also can have issues related to the breed and that came about by breeding. The main thing is to be vigilant, be aware of the breed’s potential issues, and address them before the cat suffers needlessly. I wouldn’t have taken Andy and Dougy in if I’d been more informed about Persians, most likely, but, having taken then in, I’m committed to giving them the best life I can, nor BirBug toys, cat grass, or fresh catnip spared!

      I hope you can post some photos of that kitty on your blog, Ruth! I though immediately of ThreeCatYard and Rhea. I know she’s a Napoleon cat, which I understand is a domestic hybrid resulting from a cross between a Persian and a Munchkin. Her face (soooo sweet!) certainly looks like a Munchkin to me

      Supposedly, the cross makes the cat more resistant to issues typical of one pedigree or the other. Speaking of that, there is some question in my mind whether Andy and Dougy are pedigree because of the cross. I was given papers to file for Andy (which made no sense to me since I wasn’t breeding or showing him) but not for his full brother, Dougy. Is one a mongrel and the other not? Makes no difference to me!

  2. Seeing you cute little cats, I am reminded of when my daughter moved from Florida to Italy. She traveled via our home to leave us her white Angora cat, due to the immigration laws regarding pets in Italy. I was forced to do two things. Even with daily brushings I still had to have her trimmed every three months due to mats. Secondly I had to hire a cleaning lady to assist my wife in vacuuming the velvet upholstery, which had within days of her arrival turned white. We have had pets most of our lives, but have never seen as much fur as from that cat. 🙂

    • I ended up buying a Dyson vacuum designed to handle pet hair after the one I did have just rolled the shed hair into wind rows I had to “hand-harvest”. It was expensive but effective. I can pretty much imagine velvet and Angora cat hair! I’ve considered hiring a cleaning service myself, but (in my case!) that’s more due to inadequate housebreaking by my Mom when I was a “kitten” than any real need I can’t handle. (You get extra feathers for your angel wings for taking care of your daughter’s cat PLUS the cat being an Angora!)

      • Thank you. I it became a wonderful addition to our lives. The “visit” lasted 11 years until she passed away. I buried her in the backyard with a little plaque on the fence post.

          • What a thoughtful kitty! One of moine likes to sleep on a dresser that’s next to my bed. I guess all the better to pounce on me like a jaguar if he ever gets the nerve. The other occasionally stops by from his night rounds of yowling to get his brother’s attention so they can play this strange game they play with a wand toy they use something like a gauntlet. Then, he snuggles against my arm and, in fact, wraps himself around it in a positively obscenely close and provocative way. (“Don’t you move those hips, kitty, or it’s out of the bed for you!”) Both are Persians, so hide behind that sweet Persian personality thing so I don’t get paranoid. LOL!

          • On the other hand, I caught ANdy first thing this morning, and he was not happy! On the other hand, the medicine controls his blood pressure. No medicine, and there is a likelihood he’d go blind. Sooo: Tough, Andy, you get the medicine!

  3. They look sweet and I bet they are more comfortable. We had a Birman kitty and she groomed herself pretty well except for the occasional hair ball. They look sweet all groomed and stuff.

    • The boys’ father was Birman. You can just about see the Birman markings in the right light. I’ve met their auntie and a step sister at the veterinarian’s and they are short-haired, very sweet Birman kitties. I recognized the personality trait that makes mine so agreeable right away. Their mother (I met her once, too) seemed less friendly, though she was in the process of raising the boys and their siblings at the time: She was pretty stressed out!

      • Birman cats are very intelligent. Ours was a female, and she pretty well ran the household single pawededly. They are beautiful, too. She was ten when we rescued her and she lived through to her 18th birthday – almost. I still miss her.

    • SInce the boys are indoor cats, I get the shorter cut each time. Even then, cats like a warmer house than humans, so I try to compromise halfway between what I can handle and what they like. We both find ways to keep comfortable!

  4. In fact they usually do not need getting shorn. They need getting brushed as persians. But not shorn … And defo not bathed! That is a nono … *sigh* But then I am all spoilt with my European Short Hair cats (or barn-cats … )

    • Brishing works to the largest extent, but not totally. Dougy is especially prone to matting under his armpits, something that would impair his ability to walk and move if not attended to. The bathing is in a shampoo that helps detangle the hair, and oftentimes spares the cat a more severe haircut. The first time I got them groomed, they had bald spots from where mats had to be trimmed out. With regular grooming, they no longer have that happen. Some sources suggest Persians should be bathed regularly because they do tend to have oily hair. Andy doesn’t have that issue so much as Dougy does. (I don’t do it…! Bathing cats isn’t fun if you don’t have a professional wash station to do it!) As for grooming, if the boys were show cats, I’d approach their care much differently, and leave they hair “natural”. I’m periodically tempted to try it again anyway, letting them grow their hair out full length, because they are smoke Persians, and their natural appearance is stunning, quite beautiful. Keep in mind the first time I got them groomed, I got a modified lion cut on them, and that is really short! T
      yheir groomer’s the one who suggested the bear cut, which looks much nicer on Persians.

      • Do you see now why I have so many problems with Persian cats? You have to do with them so many things which are just not cattish … Kudos to you that you keep the boys out of mayhem.
        There are combs about that help disentangle matted hair, I heard. But under the armpits? You are right, only shearing helps there.

      • I was largely ignorant of these things when I accepted them as kittens, and certainly love the little rascals too much to dwell on the hassles and regret taking them in. Andy animal comes with its own set of issues. A dog barks and has to be walked, then you have to hand-gather its poop (if you are a good citizen, which many are not…!). A Persian needs brushing and coat maintenance above and beyond other cat breeds’ needs. On the other hand, they are fun to have around because they are so playful and enthusiastic about their play. Nothing like a purring cat, too!

    • Their hair grows out fast, and the grooming helps control tangles and mats that brushing misses. Dougy lets me brush him, but not on his stomach, the place where I have to manually manipulate them to trim them out. Andy is totally uncooperative when I try to brush him.

      • I’m working on it, though. When I get a chance, I rub and scratch their tummies with my hand, and even Andy is more tolerant of being touched there than he used to be. For that matter, till I started taking them to the groomers, Dougy didn’t like being brushed. I think he learned to go with the flow. Andy may come around. He purrs softly when I rub and scratch his tummy, but I have to lean close to him to hear it. LOL! <3

  5. For that matter if I had to take Coco to the groomers, she would put a big fight, that, after the groomer will end up bruised. She doesn’t take to anyone touching her.
    Dougy and Andy are very handsome with the new cut.

    • Thanks! I was pleased with the job, too! Their groomer does a great job. I worry about Andy getting growly, but so far the boys have behave. “Andy sometimes gets a bit bored and uncooperative” I was told once. They just stop there and come backto him if he’s too far from done.

    • Not everyone is tuned into cat waves! The place I take my boys is primarily there for dog grooming, but take cat clients if they are good kitties. Fortunately, mine meet the standard, and the people there adore them! (I think they must save all their “nioce” for their groomers, then come home and act like little hooligans! 🙂 )

    • When you have kitties in your life, it’s always summer! LOL! No, jusgt their regular bi-monthly grooming session. Andy got trimmed a bit shorter than he needed to be, but cats grow hair. That’s t
      gheir job!

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