Post 700: a good reason to keep cats…

I talk with my financial adviser next week, and need to have some of my financial ducks lined up in a neater row than they usually are.

One of those ducks is my tax return for last year. Knowing my tax liability will help set how much money I draw out of my retirement account each month this year. If I owe money in, of course, I may want to have more withdrawn in taxes before the money’s transferred to my banking account. If I get money back, well – woohoo! – maybe I can splurge on a new cat toy or something for myself.

So, I put all my tax papers in a manila envelope, then couldn’t find it. Never mind. Andy found it in an instant, and promptly claimed it for himself!

"What's this?!"

“What’s this?!”



Yes, yet another good reason to keep cats, though Andy wasn’t happy when I took “his” new claim away!