Post 743: sleepy boy…

The boys have favorite places to sleep. Dougy prefers a carrier next to the recliner. It has a towel in it and it is secure and cozy. Andy prefers the washing machine lid or inside the dryer, if I leave the door open.

Andy in his dryer nest.

Andy in his dryer nest.

Of course, a black cat in a white interior makes for a photographic nightmare, but I got something in the camera for you, and that was it!


Here is an older photo of Andy in the dryer that is much clearer.

"Rub my nose, human."

32 thoughts on “Post 743: sleepy boy…

  1. Everyone should have a cat or two just to show us WE are. George is currently making the rounds of the windows all around the house. He will spend a few days there and then move on to the next. One window has a broken blind and won’t go up and he never stops pestering me to open it.

    • Just “followed” you — you are an inspiring photographer! Glad you commented because I now know about you. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your guy. Kitty? Dog? Never mind! From what I saw in your blog, it will be great!

        • You have a great eye, from what I wsaw, and I’d think it would get you more business if more people viewed it. There are people on WordPress who can help you increase your viewership for business, though I don’t have any names. I just know I’ve seen their blogs at some time in the past. Anyway, good luck! Your portraits are uniquely yours, I think. None of that “just posed” stuff. You seem to have a talent for pulling out your subjects’ personalities, noi easy job!

          • Thanks!
            I really needed that. Self-affirmation isn’t easy to achieve but for you to say that means you actually grasped that.

            Please let me know if you every do come across their page. I need a spike in gigs. I want to reach out and get the customers that miss my blog.


          • Just looking through some of your recent posts – the NJ family shoot is tremendous! – it is self-evident to me you are really good at what you do. I see photos like that. It’s sort of formal yet very personal (the boys wrestling each other on one side in that last photo). I have no doubt that family will love those memories for a life time!

  2. They’re such sweethearts!

    I bought many a bale of hay to fling around my garden, but I had to leave the last few for my cat, she decided that was her place to sleep.

    • LOL! Reminds me of the late great Woody, one of my neighbor’s cats. He was a large tabby, a really personable cat that loved to spend his days in our backyard “bird watching” from the patio and just hanging. Like all cats, whatever I was doing, he had to be there to check it out. He made putting a netting over a fruit tree a challenge because he kept attacking some dried leaves caught in it from the previous year! I finally got it over the tree, but it took half an hour instead of a few minutes. Then, when I raked the autumn leaves, he perched on top of the pile, refusing to move when I started to fill trash bags with the leaves until he was on a column of leaves, the last place on the yard where there were any. I eventually had to just move him because he refused to give up his perch!He was a great cat, and I know that that exposure to a really sweet kitty predisposed me to getting my own cats years later. In fact, the late Louie the ginger cat was a ginger version of the grey Woody.

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