Post 742: new territory to explore…

There are many tempting places for kitties to explore in this apartment but I’ve never seen the boys show curiosity about a little desk by the  back door…until today!!

Let me say there were lots of interesting diversions for kitties today because I haven’t completely put away the groceries I bought this morning. Andy was checking that out when he noticed his brother Dougy hop on a box next to the little desk. 

Dougy is certain he can open this drawer. He's seen Andy handle similar challenges.

Dougy is certain he can open this drawer. He’s seen Andy handle similar challenges.

"Whatcha doin', Dougy?"  Andy is interested now.

“Whatcha doin’, Dougy?”
Andy is interested now.

Andy isn't sure if he wants to get involved or not. "C'mon, Andy! You're the one that knows how to open drawers!" says Dougy.

Andy isn’t sure if he wants to get involved or not.
“C’mon, Andy! You’re the one that knows how to open drawers!” says Dougy.

Andy thinks about it. He didn't get his kitty treats yet for being a good boy so he doesn't want to jeopardize that, now, does he?!

Andy thinks about it. He didn’t get his kitty treats yet for being a good boy so he doesn’t want to jeopardize that, now, does he?!

"Rats!"  Since Andy won't play along with him, Dougy gives up on the drawer. "I'm not interested in what's in there anyway."

Since Andy won’t play along with him, Dougy gives up on the drawer.
“I’m not interested in what’s in there anyway.”

Then there was the mysterious visitor to the door. He knocked, but left in a South Dakota-plated car before Doug (the human one) could get to the door. Probably frightened away by the scary little black tigers staring back through the screen door. MEOW!

24 thoughts on “Post 742: new territory to explore…

  1. I’m trying to decide whether to get a dog or a cat next. I had a cat long ago who lived to be 25 years old (eating Hill’s prescription diet high in fibre). The food was low in ash (because he was prone to UTI’s) but really high in fibre. I think this food made him live for so long. Have you declawed yours? Have you been able to train them to use a scratching board?

    • Andy and Dougy were neutered but they both have their claws. I don’t believe in declawing, which is illegal in some countries and not performed by many veterinarians in this (USA) country because of the nature of the operation. That said, Dougy is a scratching terror. Andy is a good boy. I’ve had some luck breaking Dougy of his bad habit, but am not the most successful cat trainer. (I tend to let them rule the household…!) That, in part, is why I don’t have a dog. Dogs require specific training to make they socially acceptable – barking issues make them bad neighbors, for example. I love dogs and enjoy other peoples’ dogs when I run into them, but I would make a poor dog owner. Good luck making your decision! I have a philosophy about cats (presumably dogs, too!): If you aren’t ready to have a little chaos in your life you shouldn’t have one (or two)!

    • Maybe you need to get her some new toys to corral and use up that energy! I know getting the boys involved in some heavy play with favorite wand toys usually helps tone down their ornery behaviors.

  2. Andy and Dougy are so cute in these photos! Okay, they are always cute. I just love how fuzzy and soft they happen to look in these photos. I hope that Dougy was able to satisfy his curiosity with the desk 🙂

    • They are as soft to touch as they look. I recently read where they think Persians most likely originated from Angora cats. Can’t speak to that, but they definitely are nice to touch! (And they have great dispositions!) As for the desk, Dougy probably will have to revisit that spoit some other day. I happen to use the middle drawer that held his attention for cutlery, which I’m sure he will find boring!

    • My older sister and her son live in Rapid City. My other sister’s ex has a retirement home in the hills somewhere in South Dakota. I have a long time friend who lives in Rapid City as well.

        • Yes, perplexed but OK. I can’t imagine who it was– didn’t recognize the car — or why they stopped unless it was because they needed directions and saw my door was open. That noted, if they presumed that meant I was around, I’d expect them to wait till I came to the door after the knocked. I had the television on (I was watching an old movie in my bedroom, and surely they could hear the soundtrack!). Oh well. Just a mystery!

    • That’s how it strikes me, too. I was watching a movie at the time in another room, and heard the knock on the door. I first thought it was part of the movie (since I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up today…!), then realized it was someone at the door. By the time I got there, I saw him get into his car. I waved at him as he drove away, but he apparently didn’t see me. Weird!

        • No, anyone can come on the grounds, though there are few who do other than residents, people who work here at the care center or with maintenance, or visitors of residents of the apartments or care center. Google Earth hasn’t even come down my lane! There is no criminal activity, or none, at least, in the over 10 years I’ve lived here . I think it is open enough that anyone outside the usual sticks out and is noted.

  3. The Watch-cats were on the job, and either saved you from a South Dakota home invasion, or from someone with a cheque for a million dollars. We may never know which.

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