Post 962: an early Christmas for me…!

You know I have the enlarged photo of Captain Me-Ow (AKA Louie the ginger cat, in supercat cape) on the wall by my computer if you’ve followed this blog for very long. It appears in many photos and is my favorite image of the late Louie.

I decided I needed something of the boys on the wall, too. I have a couple of small prints of them as kittens on one wall. They are photos I made for my mother when she was at the care center and unable to enjoy her new “grandchildren”.

After she died, I retrieved them and hung them on the wall to my left when I’m on the computer.

Hanging on the family wall, front room. among photos of my mother's side.

They’re hanging on the family wall, front room, among photos of my mother’s side.

It isn’t that easy to see which photos I selected for my wall in that photo, so here are the photos I had enlarged:

All this drama's made Andy sleepy!

Andy had a busy day taking this box from Dougy.

That’s also the Andy photo I used for one of my business cards.

The emperor...!

The emperor…! Not the best photo of him, but…!

Dougy looks like a little Chinese emperor when he takes up residence in a box. Makes me laugh!

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