Post 970: Urp….!


Sorry, but I have a really sour stomach today. I cancelled one plan to get together with old friends at a new restaurant. I just didn’t think I could handle food, no matter how good. In fact, just writing “food” brought about an involuntary gurgle in my stomach, a rebellion I’ve been fighting for a day now.

In lieu of anything, though, I am posting a Dougy photo. He’s my main boy, you know. He worries if I don’t get out of bed fast enough for him, and he will hang out with me until he’s sure I’m, erm, “not dead”!!

It’s a good one of him, I think, amazingly, since I only made one shot of him today, and it turned out to be dang decent. All I can figure is Dougy felt sorry for me. LOL!dougy 121015