Post 999: rumble seat…

Yesterday, I mentioned to Jan that my Mom’s 1934 Dodge coupé had a rumble seat, an automotive feature new to Jan. It came up casually in conversation about how transportation’d changed since my Mom was a college student in the early 1930s and now.

Just the road to Chadron, the next town up, where the state normal college is, used to be a two hour ordeal over nasty dirt roads. In the open cars of the ear, it had to be a challenge to even think of driving there. Of course, back then they had the option of passenger trains, too, and that was a civilized way to go.

mom and dodge coupe

Anyway, one series of steep hills — either the Seven or the Five Sisters (I forget which) — were more than some cars of the time could handle in a forward gear: the driver had to BACK up the hills! LOL! Must have been a zoo, especially if you happened to be eating dirt in the rumble seat.

Post 998: just here for the amusement of kitties…

It’s easy to think of your cat (or cats….!) as playmates, little buddies to keep you warm on cold winter’s days. NOT!

You are just a means to an end, buster, and don’t you forget it!


Post 997: danger for kitties…

Andy is fascinated by shiny clear materials. Note that he ignores a bag of kitty food on the floor to explore the bread bag barely hanging over the edge of the counter. 

Silly kitty! (Yes, I have to make sure this sort of temptation isn’t snaring Andy. I’ve had to pull this sort of thing from his mouth before, and, yes, it could be a mortal danger to him.)

Post 996: grass…

The boys have different takes on the purpose of grass, but both like it in his particular way.

Post 995: Andy’s on the computer, too….

Andy is my regular visitor when I’m on the computer. In fact, he usually is on the computer, too.

Andy's on the computer, too!

Andy watches me while I work and play!

Not to put too much a worry on it but my blog’s been a bit thin lately because I’ve not felt well. I feel a bit better today, if not peppy, and hope I can get figure out something I can eat that agrees with me.


Post 994: Whew! It took two dozen shots to get this one of Dougy!

Typical! Dougy just isn’t an easy kitty to photograph. But I finally got one sort of clear photo of the newly trimmed Dougy. 

Dougy actually facing the camera. The photo gods smile on me today!

Dougy actually facing the camera.
The photo gods smile on me today!

Post 993: It’s 14°F out — a good day to shave the cats!

Andy's new haircut.

Andy and Dougy are on a schedule to get trimmed every other month. Unfortunately for them, this time landed on one of the coldest days of the season so far. Poor babies!

On the other hand, they were good boys once at the groomers, and, apparently, no problem for Athena to trim. Whew! Cat groomers aren’t that common. One truly needs to appreciate anyone who does it, let alone does it well. The boys are lucky that their groomers are both!

Dougy looks equally cute. In time, I’ll get a photo of him to post, too, but he’s napping after their long day at the groomers.

Post 992: pretty boy…

I personally think Andy is the prettier of the two brothers, though Dougy is the generally more out-going one. Even as kittens, Andy was restrained; Dougy was off on adventures, following his nose.

My pretty boy Andy!

My pretty boy Andy!

Post 991: “A Cat’s Tail…”

I thought this video was deleted or missing from my YouTube playlist or I would have posted it again with the message from Smilla and Luke, children of my friend Nicole. They were the inspiration for the video, which features the late Louie the ginger cat.

As you now know, this is a children’s story, but there is a serious message for all people: “Be a good kitty!”

I have no doubt that Luke and Smilla are well-behaved and respectful children after watching this video…. LOL!

Post 990: Andy doesn’t watch kitty videos…not when there are birdies outside!

"Hey, Andy! There's a kitty on the screen...!"

“Hey, Andy! There’s a kitty on the screen…!”

"Npt now. There's a birdie outside that I'm watching."

“Not now. There’s a birdie outside I’m watching.”