Post 963: windows are for togetherness…

Andy and Dougy generally have their separate activities for the day. They do play together, still, like they did as kittens, but mostly they prefer to be alone.

One exception is birdwatching. The boys sometimes share a window if the watching is that good!

Sometimes, they go solo.

19 thoughts on “Post 963: windows are for togetherness…

    • They play well together, though they squabble like siblings do, too! Mostly, though, they are nice to each other, the way brothers should be! My brother and I get along just fine, so Andy and Dougy have to be nice for Uncle Richard if not me. LOL!

        • The late Louie the ginger cat loved turkey,m too. That was his “good kitty treat”, so I always kept some deli turkey around for him. He definitely chattered at the birds outside the window!

          • I don’t know much about Louie’s early years since he was a shelter cat his veterinarian estimated to be five years old when I got him. The way he took to turkey, maybe he did terrorize turkey farms for a living before I got him! LOL!

          • We chose Rom when he was small enough to nap in the palm of my hand, but Mr. M was a feral cat, who lived in the neighborhood when we moved. We have no idea how old he is, but were honored to be adopted by him… Ms. Purrseidon was also feral, but we catnapped her when she was very young.

          • Quite a range of sourcing there! It is always interesting how some cats do chose their “owners”. I’ve had kittens and shelter cats. Shelter cats seem easier to start out with, but not knowing their origins is frustrating. I always thought Louie the ginger cat would have been the sweetest kitten, but I didn’t meet him till he was five years old. On the other hand, I’ve had the boys since kittenhood, and we went through some hell to get them to adulthood! That said, they were soooo cute and fun as kittens! They still are, but in a different way.

          • LOL – that is so true about kittens. Kiara lives about 5 or 6 miles from us and I see her frequently… when Purrseidon was a kitten, I wrote her into The Sea Purrtector Files as ‘Mischief’, a kitten who gave Xander a run for his money… and I think I’ll keep her in that series. Her antics also inspired Kiara, who we all suspect is a ‘crazy cat lady in the making’ and adores cats to write Kittens Are A**holes. While the title suggests she hates kittens, the tone of the book is actually humorous yet shows their natural character.

          • Andy used to climb me when he and Dougy played tag as kittens, and it took a time to get it across to him that he was clawing the hell out of me! (Yes, there is that element about kittens…!)

          • As a baby, Purrseidon seemed to consider jeans and slacks an invitation to climb — she stopped at the shoulder to sprawl. Still likes to lounge on shoulders (the higher, the better), but we’ve managed to teach her not to climb up people.

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