Post 985: as the kitten’s bent…

Andy and Dougy are brothers, as most of you know if you’ve followed this blog very long. Like most brothers, they have good times together  and they have their moments. Mostly, though, the boys get along famously! 

One of my favorite videos of the boys as kittens also provided the screen shot that heads this blog. See if you can find it while watching the video.

A chronic issue around the house is boxes. Specifically, will Dougy let me trash them out before he claims them?

The boys love, love, love my brother Richard! Richard is more fun than I, as this video will attest:

Of course, like all brothers, they occasionally have differences of opinion. Usually, with the boys, it has to do with who gets to sit on the lounger or some other trivial matter. They tussle, get it out of their systems, and all is well again.

Hope you enjoyed this little look back at Andy and Dougy in the early years!