Post 999: rumble seat…

Yesterday, I mentioned to Jan that my Mom’s 1934 Dodge coupé had a rumble seat, an automotive feature new to Jan. It came up casually in conversation about how transportation’d changed since my Mom was a college student in the early 1930s and now.

Just the road to Chadron, the next town up, where the state normal college is, used to be a two hour ordeal over nasty dirt roads. In the open cars of the ear, it had to be a challenge to even think of driving there. Of course, back then they had the option of passenger trains, too, and that was a civilized way to go.

mom and dodge coupe

Anyway, one series of steep hills — either the Seven or the Five Sisters (I forget which) — were more than some cars of the time could handle in a forward gear: the driver had to BACK up the hills! LOL! Must have been a zoo, especially if you happened to be eating dirt in the rumble seat.

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    • Hard to say. I tried to read all comments as far back as I could. Regardless, I am doing well since I got back home! I do need a cane or a walker to get around, but that is tolerable.

  1. Where are you dear Weggi, I have almost lost you… I didn’t see your new posts… Wonderful post, how about your lovely cats 🙂 I am going now previous post. Thank you, love, nia

  2. I’m Doug’s Seattle sister. Don’t know how to get hold of any of his blogger friends. I just found out this morning that he was taken to the hospital in Scottsbluff, NE. The hospital wouldn’t give me any information other than he is in ICU in critical condition, but improving. He is talking, but confused. They will keep me informed. I don’t blog or use facebook, but if anyone reads this, my e-mail is

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