28Nov20: “Much better…!”

Andy’s snoozing the sleep of the pussy cat!

“What!? What!? What!?” Something disturbs Andy’s snooze.

Barely awake, Andy slowly…

…realizes it’s nothing!

He returns to the position of bliss. Much later, there he is, still blissed out!







29 thoughts on “28Nov20: “Much better…!”

    • Same with the heat off the light on Andy’s favorite “look-don’t-touch-me-now” spot, the end table/light stand. (Never know what I should call it.)

    • That reminds me of a journalism professor I had at the University of Nebraska. We were assigned a writing assignment for an annual journalism department tabloid project. After each step, he would review what we’d written. Several times, he liked what I’d written, but had issues with one word in the headline. “Is that the best word or can you find a more precise word?” I’d go back, try another word. At the end of this process, he decided my first word was the one to use.

          • I just checked on the Internet to verify he is still dead (yes!). Curiously, he was born and died the same years as my Dad. I did learn he wrote a book – apparently THE book, now – on advertising layouts. “Why not?” is asked myself, and I went to Amazon to establish it not only was available in versions costing a bit under $6 up to (surely an error) $1006 new. Yeah, almost believable since it’s a college text1 LOL! Anyway, I chose a new paperback at just under $19 plus tax. Turns out I had some Amazon Prime Visa points available and I will see it December 4th at the cost of $0.00! I did enjoy the course work as a student, though it (English/ Journalism/ Advertising, my major) was not as fun as my minor, Geology….

    • That was a fantastic film day. It was end-to-end Alfred Hitchcock movies! The one in the photos is “Rope”, a movie I hadn’t seen before. Very entertaining! Another one, a favorite, was “Stranger on a Train”.

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