Post 1730: Andy visits his veterinarian…


Andy had a veterinarian’s appointment yesterday, a follow-up exam to determine if the blood pressure medicine had brought his blood pressure down. When he was on the scale (9.4 pounds/ 4,26 kilos), he tried to escape into an overhead cabinet, but other than that, he was a very good patient.


He responded well to the technicians’ efforts to keep him calm, but still had a 160 systolic average reading, higher than the last time. His veterinarian, Dr. Y., asked me to give him the medicine twice a day till Friday, when I take him in again. 


‘I asked Dr. Y. if  *Feliway might help as Andy shows signs of anxiety. He felt it’s worth a try, recommending I spray it inside the carrier before I bring Andy in Friday. I hope it helps!


Poor Andy. My little kitty boy needs some relief from the high blood pressure before it causes him vascular and kidney issues.



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  1. İmplant diş ücretleri ; Sağlığını düşünüp tedavi olmak isteyen vatandaşlar tarafından en çok merak edilen konular arasında yer almaktadır. Diş ağrıları, insanların fiziksel olarak çekebileceği en yoğun ve şiddetli ağrılar arasında yer almaktadır.

  2. Aw, poor Andy. Hope his BP gets controlled. How old are the little guys? When I worked at the vets office. My office was upstairs, my boss rented from a hospital. The techs did all the work in the basement. Some doggie and kitty friends were so anxiety ridden we would bring the BP machine upstairs. It’s so tricky. I sympathize. I’m pretty phobic of the doctor but I make my cats go. Good luck at the Friday appt!

  3. I got curious after reading about Mr. High BP Andy and wondered what normal BP for cats are. It’s just like humans! Crikey, who knew?!?! I would have thought cats BP would be like an infant or toddler. Well it’s not.

    Back to Andy … I hope you get his BP controlled because going to the vet generally sucks no matter how awesome the vet and staff can be.

    Love the gif of Andy being petted into purrpetuity! — Aaah! Couldn’t resist the pun.

    Hugs & kisses to you little Andy Bear! ❤❣❤❣

  4. Perhaps with the afeliway Andy’s BP will come down. I found great success with the calming collar for Shoko. However, the plug in worked good when we went away to France and Kali was stressed. Worth a try my friend.


    • I was unaware of the calming collar. That is something I will check up on. At any rate, I hope it does help with the BP at the veterinarian clinic, too. Friday will be a measure of the efficacy of the higher dosage, but possibly the combined efficacy of the higher dosage and the Feliway spray. Their veterinarian, Dr. Y., said the plug in was good for a small room about the size of the examination room (perhaps 10 ft. square), which still would create a “happy zone” for the kitty boys, I suppose.

  5. Poor Andy. If you do spray the carrier with Feliway, make sure you do it at least 30 mins or longer before putting Andy in. You don’t want the spray to actually get on him. 🙂

  6. Aw Andy – going to the doctor is stressful anyway ! The same thing happens to me at the doctor’s. Purrs.

    • I’m so used to doctors and blood pressure cuffs, I don’t have a negative reaction (higher BP reading!) any longer. I know many people do have that white jacket response to seeing doctors, though, and I wonder how many people on BP medication are on it because they have a reaction to going to the doctor!

  7. dood….we iz sorree ta lurn de ree sultz waz like they were…we wunder if yur BP waz sew high at that reedin coz ewe waz AT de vet ?

    N we noe thiz soundz sillee but due ewe get enuff vitamin C and E ?

    we noe dadz gotten add vize frum his vet and sorree ta inn clood thiz link; we noe sum blogz dont like em in commintz but tell dad ta reed this arty cul if him getz a chanze ~ 🙂 ♥♥

    • I’ll find out Friday how Andy’s BP changes because of the dosage of his medicine and the Feliway. I can ask about the vitamins and other concerns the article brings up – like the root cause may be some other condition that needs to be addressed.

  8. Well trying to climb into the cabinet sounds interesting. Tell Andy exercise raises blood pressure! I have used the Feliway for years. Some cats respond more strongly than ohers but I never had a bad reaction. My vet’s office hands out sprayed towels if cats seem stressed while waiting and it seems to work. Andy does deserve a break. You’re all in our prayers.

    • Me, too! I’ve tried it, and it seems to work for him. I hope the effect is helpful on Friday. Also, I’m checking out the Feliway collar recommended elsewhere.

    • Thanks! I hope so, too, John. Andy generally (with one exception when he protested BP being taken on his tail!) is pretty good at the veterinarian’s, and has been so even going bcak to his kitten days. Dougy is good there, too, though he gets all wound up and excited about the opportunity to sniff out new things and has to be restrained to keep him on the examination table!

  9. Bless his little heart!! I hope he feels better soon and this anxiety leaves him alone. I know before Houdini has to go see the vet, mom has to give him some Benadryl to calm him. I wonder if that would work for him too? XOXO – Bacon

  10. My cat has the same anxiety, she just HATES the pet carrier and the vet – and is very, very scared, when I impose those things on her. No wonder, Andi has high blood pressure when he is so afraid!

    • Andy doesn’t seem stressed by the trip there or even being on the examination table, but he isn’t thrilled about the squeezing sensation of the blood pressure cuff on his paw.

      • I suppose if took the bp of Kessy it would be through the roof, what with her already panicking and LITERALLY shitting herself when she is just going into the carrier.

        • Andy was especially upset the time they took his blood pressure on his tail! They know now to take it on his foot, though he still isn’t happy about that, and that they do that first, then do everything else after they finish taking his blood pressure.

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