Post 880: Caturday at the back window…

It’s Caturday so Dougy chose not to do much. Oh! That’s every day, but today he chose to do it watching nothing out the back window. Very relaxing!

Watching me isn't fun...

Watching me isn’t fun… Dougy diverted his attwentioon to nothing going on outside. Perfect Caturday entertainment!

…so Dougy diverted his attention to nothing going on outside.
Perfect Caturday entertainment!

> purr! pirr! <

> purr! purr! <

18 thoughts on “Post 880: Caturday at the back window…

    • He doesn’t like to be photographed but this worked because there was enough light to avoid setting off the flash. Of course, PhotoShopping the result to bring out detail and lighten it was necessary, but the end result was a nice photo or two of this otherwise lovable kitty!

  1. With that beautiful face all he has to do is sit there’re lay there-and look adorable.
    As the owner of black kitties I know you understand about hacking hairball mornings and this morning was just that here. Ali is still looking innocent and I do not think i will have the stomach to eat for a week.

    • Mine say “mrow!” back! No apologies or explanations necessary, though since you mentioned you have some family responsibilities that are heavy just now. As I mentioned, I went through that myself so totally understand.

    • I try to show what pretty cats they are in my photos but the best way to experience them is in life. They are very pretty AND pretty ornery! (As I tell them, “Pedigree my butt! You are naughty kitties!”)

    • That turned out to be some really good photos of my boy, capturing some of the interesting highlights of his pelage. Though I don’t think either of my cats is a smoke Persian by the strictest definition (or by what I see in photos of cats that are definitely that variety), they have that sort of thing going on in their coat. Dougy’s ruff shows that nicely, even when it’s trimmed.

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