Post 998: just here for the amusement of kitties…

It’s easy to think of your cat (or cats….!) as playmates, little buddies to keep you warm on cold winter’s days. NOT!

You are just a means to an end, buster, and don’t you forget it!


17 thoughts on “Post 998: just here for the amusement of kitties…

  1. So lovely, so lovely… MY cat is like that too, she wants to me caress but then she says leave me alone to sleep… 🙂 Blessing them. By the way where is Andy while you are there? Isn’t he jealousy for these moments… Thank you, love, nia

  2. Hello Everyone, I am writing this. To give you an update on my Uncle Doug. He will be offline for a little due to being in the hospital. Will update as I can. Any questions please message. Thank you

  3. So true, although Mi Sun was kind enough to let me watch the whole video before she started the ‘demanding kitty” meows for petting.

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