One day a person can be fit as a fiddle and on top of the world without a care in the world and the next day the same person can be devastated by something that happens out of the blue to either change that person’s life or that causes that person to lose control of […]

via In The Blink Of An Eye — THE RIPENING WANDERER

2 thoughts on “In The Blink Of An Eye — THE RIPENING WANDERER

  1. So very true. This also goes to prove that our attitude matters a whole heck of a lot cause there are no illnesses or diseases that make are diagnosed immediately. So you have probably had this problem for some time but have recently been diagnosed with it. A good reason not to get down in the dumps.


    • I’ve been blessed with an accepting and positive attitude about the medical issues I’ve endured for the past 13 years. John’s approach, as expressed in this essay, struck me as very similar to mine, and I felt it was worth sharing for whatever good it might be for others who are struggling to accept whatever life’s vicissitudes they have to deal with.

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