Post 1070: Every Dougy has his day…again!

After a long day of chasing Andy, tipping over wastepaper baskets, destroying furniture, begging for a good scritching, and eating kitty food, Dougy is plain worn out.

Whew! A kitty’s responsibilities weigh heavily on Dougy. He’s just a little kitty! So he takes a break for a snooze in his favorite plastic tub, the first one he claimed.

Dougy dreams of kicking kitty butt!

Dougy dreams of kicking kitty butt!

18 thoughts on “Post 1070: Every Dougy has his day…again!

  1. Just catching up with you again, Doug. That is a cute picture of Doug in the orange tub! He looks very happy!

    Elbert’s garden is coming along. We had two rounds of pea-sized hail in the same day a couple of weeks ago now that created havoc in all the gardens. The plants will survive, although a bit tattered. I planted some gladiola bulbs and some purple columbine seeds. The iris starts are looking a bit sad at the moment, but they will survive and look good next year.

    • That tub I emptied one day of stuff stored in it that ended up almost being all trash (old papers of various sorts). When I sat it down, Dougy instantly claimed it before I repurposed it for my use! LOL!

      I’ll pass on the word about the memorial irises to Marianne. Thanks for the update, but sorry about the hail. We get tremendously destructive storms out here with, hail and all manner of scary winds. There’s one spot north of town where the wheat farmers can count on at least on year in five being hailed out right before the wheat’s ready to bring in. The other years, apparently, are productive enough to keep planting!

  2. I know where he’s coming from. Guarding this place and only allowing certain kitties into the nip is a real chore. I sleep like…um..a kitty on nip! MOL I like the contrast in Dougy’s fur and the orange tub. Very striking. He deserves to be carried around in the tub….way you go Dougy’s dad. MOL


    • I think Dougy would enjoy being carried around that way! I know he and Andy like to ride on on the seat of my walker when I roam the apartment with it. I agree about the contrast between Dougy’s fur and the tub’s color. If i had my choice (Dougy and Andy have a vote), all of the cardboard boxes the kitties want to hop in would go to the landfill and only colorful tubs would be scattered around the place for this cat business!

  3. I thought he had a bit of meditating Buddha in that pose but perhaps more of a mischievious Daoist immortal, considering his day.

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