Post 714: Dougy spots a spider…

Dougy sat down to clean up after breakfast. Then he spotted the spider!

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He lost track of the spider when it crawled behind the box.
Too bad. I was rooting for a quick and brutal end to Ms. Spider, “Death by Savage Teeth from Hell and Random Pattycakes”.

41 thoughts on “Post 714: Dougy spots a spider…

  1. What beautiful pictures of Dougy (or he would probably say pictures of beautiful Dougy). Here in Michigan there are no poisonous spiders, so they make excellent snacks for the cats.

    • We have black widows and brown recluses (in part of the state). I haven’t seen any black widows in the house, and would freak out if I did! Anyway, the boys do a good job of hunting safely, thanks to furry paws.

  2. Love the expressions on that sweet face as he is watching the spider. Ali used to catch them and kill them and now she looks at me like-“well get off your butt and get it. ”

  3. Heehee – yes well, living here on the outskirts of Florida’s swamps I once had a fairly large snake get into my house. It was taking a rest in front of the entrance to my bedroom. Now I had a cat at the time and she was prety good at pouncing on any bugs and lizards that invaded her territory and threatened her human.

    She was sitting next to the snake. So I said “Well what are you going to do about it!!!!”. She looked at me with that gaze that said

    “Sorry. I don’t do snakes!”.

    🙂 Regards

    • Theoretically, I support spider survival because they eat garden pests and house flies. As a practical matter, though, if Andy and Dougy spot them first, I say “Off with their heads…and legs…and abdomens…and fangs…and…!”

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