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Maggie and I will be sporadically on and off until we know what is up with Jim for sure. Jim’s doctor appointment that he finally went to last night yielded little information. Doctor said that the issue could have been blood sugar related, as Jim is pre-diabetic, but that he could not rule out some sort […]

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Though we know each other mostly through blogs, it is an amazing part of our times that we form friendships electronically, and discover we care for these friends no less than those we see in person. Yet, as I discovered during my illness, these friends we meet electronically can be no less important in our lives.

During my recent illness, two bloggers kept the faith for me and let the blogosphere know what happened to me that weggieboy’s blog all of a sudden stopped at Post 999.

Chris ( Contrafactual – see link below ) and Liz ( maggiesblog0019 – see link above ) were great friends and cheerleaders for both my readership (which actually grew during my absence, thanks to these two’s updates on me) and me, while I was barely connected by telephone to family and friends. \

Their friendship, cards, phone calls, and gifts were a great comfort to me and helped me maintain a positive, healing attitude till I reached my goal of returning to my kitties, at home.

Now it’s Liz’s turn to need our prayers and support while her husband finds out what his medical issues are and what it will take to bring him back to health.



Post 1054: bath time…

Dougy attends to personal hygiene.

Dougy attends to personal hygiene.

Andy cleans up, too!

Andy cleans up, too!