Post 1869: cheating kitty…


Dougy loves wand toy games…

…but he cheats at them every time by holding tight to the toy once he catches it. Yeah, I know. You can’t believe Dougy is a cheater, yet believe it, he is!

21 thoughts on “Post 1869: cheating kitty…

  1. Wand teasers are very popular here too. We have to be careful though, if we buy the type with string or elastic, Naja will just bite through it and disconnect the toy! She does it so quickly too! Have to keep a close eye on her. We have a few wands with knots in the string, where we’ve fixed them. 😂

    • The kitty brothers just chew the Birbug or whichever lure is on the end of the string, but they did create a chase game using a colored ribbon they ultimately pulled off the wand. On the other hand, I have to be careful about candy wrappers or any packaging that makes a crinkly sound or they will chew on it. I had to pull some of that packaging out of Andy’s mouth one time. He almost had it swallowed.

        • Gad! My two also are paper chewers, though they don’t eat it. They do eat cat hair, though, even to the point of eating it (clumps) off the floor. It encourages me to vacuum regularly!

          • They have peculiar little traits, don’t they. We have seven cats, and they are all individuals with there own unique purrsonalities. It sounds like your boys are too. 😺

          • Yes, they are distinctly Andy or Dougy! It is easy to confuse one for the other on quick glance, but their behaviors are so distinct I’m not confused for long!

    • I’ve no idea how we finally got your comments to show, but…! My end shows that comments are closed, though I can’t find any setting that limits comments automatically. Ugh! Hate these sorts of issues!

      Anyway, Dougy is especially fond of wand toys. Andy likes them but not to the same level of enthusiasm.

        • I saw them when I clicked on the bell that brings up all comments , and commented in return. I still don’t know what happened that your comments didn’t show on the blog post. I could see the two before I replied, then both with my reply after. Makes no sense! Plus, I haven’t been able to find the place where you can contact the IT help people. This have been perplexing, vexing and just plain upsetting since comments are such an important part of the blog experience!

  2. Wand toys are super. All of us love them. Budd tends to chew the toy to death so he gets the toy when everyone else is finished. Shoko loves the exercise as long as no one’s watching her. TYebe just goes for it and if you don’t like it…she doesn’t care. Woo hoo fun!


    • Dougy likes to mouth them, lick and chew them, but never give them up. Andy swats at them, and gives them a death bite or two before he lets me have it back.

    • I do get some amusement out of it. He gets these really intense “ear-back” looks on his face, like I’m trying to take away something to eat from him.

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